Back to school = return of lunchboxes

Geneviève Nadeau September, 2013

That’s it, The holidays are over. It’s now time to buy school supplies… and to reinvent the lunchboxes of your small geniuses! Get ready for a successful transformation: your small one’s friends will envy their lunches.

Basic material

A lunchbox would not be called one if you did not include the appropriate containers or utensils. What should you buy to be well equipped and have your children enjoy safe lunches?

1) A lunchbox made with hard material, spacious and easy to clean. Ideally, choose double-compartment lunchboxes (put cool food in the bottom part, because the cold has a tendency to go down and heat to go up).

2) Plastic coloured utensils. They will be more attractive to children and, even if they throw a knife or a fork by mistake, you will still have your full cutlery!

3) An ice pack to keep food cool and limit the growth of harmful bacteria in food.

4) Reusable bows and containers to hold sandwiches, water, fruits, yogurt, etc.

Ingredients that come to your rescue!

If the sliced bread sandwich is always present, try to incorporate these foods in your pantry. They will help you when you don’t have enough time to prepare the lunches and will add a lot of variety to your children’s lunch.

In the pantry

– Canned legumes: to make a quick salad, a puree to spread…

– Canned fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel): to garnish sandwiches or add to cold pasta

– Wholegrain crackers: for a quick lunch with cheese and vegetables

– Fruit sauce, dried fruit, breakfast cereals to nibble on: to whip up quick snacks

– Soy drinks or milk in small cardboard containers: for nutritious drinks at meal time (UHT containers or Tetra pack™)

In the fridge

– Hard boiled eggs: to garnish sandwiches

– Variety of cheeses: to complete a low protein meal (ex: salad)

– Ready-to-eat vegetables (mini carrots, cherry tomatoes, Lebanese cucumber): to complete the daily portions of vegetables in the lunchboxes

In the freezer

– A variety of breads: to transform sandwiches (bagel, tortilla, ciabatta)

Mother Hen’sorganic frozen fruits: to flavour the water or to put in a yogurt

– Frozen vegetables to be thawed quickly in the microwave: to add vegetables to the meal

– Cooked rice or pasta: to prepare last-minute meals or cold salad without too much cooking

Mother Hen’sorganic fruit purees: for the snacks

Wonderful ideas to fill your small one’s appetite

Who ever said that lunch should equal bread-mustard-ham? Break the traditions and discover new foods to entice the whole family. Here are meal ideas and side dishes that are really tempting!

– Pasta salad with pesto, black olives, red pepper and shredded parmesan + mini carrots + vanilla yogurt with frozen raspberries

– Sandwich with roasted pork in a ciabatta bread, old style mustard, apple slices, sliced Cheddar + cherry tomatoes + soy pudding

– Rice with chicken and mango in cubes, small peas, diced avocado + celery sticks + chickpeas dip (hummus) + blueberry yogurt with frozen blueberries

– Egg salad mixture in a rolled tortilla, shredded carrots and lettuce + fresh radishes + vanilla soy drink + organic apple puree

– Canned salmon salad (with mayonnaise-mustard-dill) on a whole bagel + diced cucumber + diced Gouda + fresh grapes

– Legumes mixed with diced broccoli and cauliflower, olive oil dressing, maple and balsamic + wholegrain crackers + fruit yogurt + peach

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