Your child dislikes meat, here are a few alternatives.

Geneviève Nadeau May, 2013
Your child dislikes meat, here are a few alternatives.

Lentils, chickpeas and beans deserve to be known! Legumes (or beans) are real small gold mines rich in protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals and can easily replace meat or poultry. Add them into a veggie meatloaf “plant”, to your spaghetti sauce or puree them to make a tasty spread or a veggie pie. Legumes also contain iron, but it is generally not as well absorbed than iron found in meat. To maximize absorption, legumes could be served with offer with vitamin C foods such as orange or dark green vegetables.
Tofu is a conniving food. Behind its seemingly bland appearance and taste tofu packs a wallop of protein and calcium. Ideally you should freeze and then thaw tofu before cooking as it takes in more of the flavors of the foods that accompany it. For example, instead of beef cubes, you could add tofu to a stew. Mixed with fresh fruit, and yogurt, silken tofu can also be a sure hit as a nutritious breakfast smoothie and start off your day with a bang of energy!
Do not be afraid to offer your child fish. It is only the presence of fish allergies in your family that should warrant delaying their introduction before the age of one.  Begin by introducing your child to fish that have a sweeter taste such as fillet of sole or haddock. After that you can try with fresh salmon or trout. Along with essential elements such as protein and iron, fish fat is beneficial to your child’s development and contains the now famous omega 3.
This being said, do not offer shark, swordfish, bass, pike or fresh or frozen tuna to your infant as these fish often contain higher amounts of mercury, a type of heavy metal that could compromise the health of your little treasure.
One should also not ignore the nutritious value if the eggs, nuts and seeds which can very well replace meat and poultry at meal time. But one thing is for sure; do not give up on meat! Introduce your child to meats in different ways and focus on flavors, colors and original presentation to make it a fun experience. Offer some veal cut into small pieces in a gratin with cheese cubes or serve pork morsels in a fruity peach sauce base fishing. Your mommy imagination is sure to find a solution as you will have an easier time by offering meat in combination with foods already appreciated. Mother Hen’s recipes also offer a wide selection of tasty meat and vegetable dishes complete meal of meat and vegetables. Discover our world of flavors.

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