Our Nutritionist

Geneviève Nadeau

For Mother Hen proper nutrition and health for the whole family is always on our mind. That is why we work closely with Geneviève Nadeau our resident nutritionist.

About Geneviève Nadeau

A dynamic and passionate nutritionist, Geneviève Nadeau’s appetite for entrepreneurship and challenge is well known. Her goal is to influence and motivate people in adopting proper nutritional habits in a simple, realistic way, yet always keeping in mind nutrition should also be fun and rewarding.

After her studies at the University of Montreal’s Department of Nutrition, Geneviève Nadeau started a nutrition consulting service called Nadeau Nutrition. She is the resident nutrition expert on the Yoopa web platform, writes recipes for Recipes Quebec and develops content for Miam, a cooking television show for children.

Geneviève Nadeau has been a regular guest expert on the CBC consumer show, L’Épicerie and was the recipient of two important entrepreneurship awards including the prestigious Concours québécois en entrepreneurship. Following her personal experience with cancer as she accompanied her mother through her illness, Genevieve felt the need to help cancer patients by writing a book on nutrition and cancer for which she won an award from the Quebec Professional Dietitians Order.

Genevieve is a playful, friendly, cheerful, empathetic woman. A true professional for which caring for others is an important value her family is what matters most to her. After that, there’s food and healthy nutrition!