Homemade style products for your children

Your child has now sampled foods from all food groups. Learning about flavors and textures will now be an important part of meal time. Starting at 8 months, he can eat thicker purees quickly passed in the blender or mashed with a fork.

Our unique selection of 9 delicious “junior” home-style meals is intended for babies who are starting on the road towards food diversification. The grainy texture of the puree is particularly suited for baby to learn how to chew food. You can start with veal ragout, chicken in the pot and beef Parmentier which have a smoother texture to facilitate learning for your baby.

Our purees contains at least 70% of organic ingredients. They are natural and do not contain any preservatives, no salt, no sugar, no starch added which is highly recommended by nutritionists. They are also free of allergens: no gluten, no peanuts, no nuts, no dairy products or derivatives, no eggs, no soy, no mustard, no sesame and no sulfites.

Your baby will discover a world of flavors and colors with real homemade taste!


Advice from our nutritionist Geneviève Nadeau:

Learning to chew and accept new textures can be difficult for some babies. To smooth out the transition, change the texture gradually.