At Mother Hen, we care about our privacy policy’s clarity engaging some of your personal requested information. This policy formulates the parameters surrounding our collect and use of personal information.
Gathering personal information
Personal information is a characteristic capable of identifying or describing an individual. Mother Hen gathers various sorts of information such as:
– Name
– Postal Code
– Street address
– Email address
– Phone number
– Gender
– Age
Personal information is gathered through forms thanks to an interactivity established between you and our website. As mentioned in the next section, we also use cookies to gather other sorts of information on you.
Cookies, or log files, also gather information about customer behaviors. This method concentrates on your navigation actions allowing us to close in on your customer profile and personalize our offers. Cookies also allow us to:
– Improve your customer experience
– Create a personalized customer profile
– Update a customer personal accounts
– Update statistics
Forms and interactivity
Your personal information is gathered through forms such as:
– Registration forms
– Polls
– Contests
We use them to:
– Create promotional offers
– Compile statistics
– Communicate with our customers
– Administer our website
– Personalize our service
Your consent
Mother Hen will almost always request your consent before gathering your personal information. Your consent is mostly obtained through forms completed in promotional or registration contexts. Your consent can be requested in other situations where information gathering is necessary. Generally, by providing personal information with us, you are deemed to consent their gathering, intern purposes use and necessary disclosures by Mother Hen as mentioned in this privacy statement.
Access and withdrawing
We commit at offering you the right to withdraw from your account, to access your information and to correct it if mistaken.
Withdrawing, for example, may concern a consumer wishing to ask for his name to be removed from a circulation list.
Personal information we gather is kept in safety proved environment. Workers are bound to respect confidentiality standards regarding your information. We use various methods to assure a safe bonding of your information:
– Access restrictions
– Network surveillance software
– Electronic safeguard
We commit to maintain a high confidentiality level by integrating the latest technological innovations. Nevertheless, since no security mechanism as proved to be fully efficient, there is always an amount of risks using Internet as an information sharing platform.
Information disclosure
Mother Hen will never distribute your information to others in a purpose of selling, leasing or trading them against money or services.
Mother Hen may share personal information to improve her global offer and services. We may disclose information to services providers who will bend to general confidentiality basics and will use it to the only purpose of improving Mother Hen’s service quality.
We also may disclose your personal information if ordered by a ruling, a search warrant, a summons or any legal disposals.
Mother Hen may also disclose information to a third party if involved in a purchase, a sale, a clearance, a merge, a lease or any type of acquisition, transfer, conveyance or financing of any business asset related to Mother Hen.
Share with friends
If you choose to use Mother Hen’s referral service to send an email to your friends, we will ask you for your friend’s email address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the website. Mother Hen stores this information for the purpose of sending this email.
Your friend may contact us at any moment to request that we remove this information from our database. See Join Us for contact information.
Links to third party sites
External links on our website may refer to other Web platforms which can have access to your personal information. It is important to acknowledge the fact that Mother Hen is not responsible for businesses or organizations website owners’ behaviors towards your personal information access. This actual privacy statement only applies to Mother Hen’s actions.
Subscribe through Facebook Connect
You can subscribe to the site through a Facebook Connect widget. By choosing this method, you ask Facebook to deliver your personal Facebook profile information to us. We treat this information like we always do for any information received from regular forms. Once logged, Facebook also provides extra information based on your profile allowing us to include a Facebook widget on viewed pages. We do not keep this extra information.
Changes of the privacy statement
Mother Hen may always change her privacy statement without any policy. The published version of the policy statement on Mother Hen’s website will always stand as the official confidentiality policy.
Join us
To consult your personal data, correct them or ask a question about our privacy policy, you may join us by email at: