Exquisite Strawberries

300 g
Ingredients : Organics strawberries.
Ecocert CanadaFSSC22000Garantie BioHACCPSans agents de conversationSans arachideSans glutenSans sel et sucre ajoutésUSDA Organic

Suggested preparations

Incorporate Mother Hen fruits into your daily eating habits:

Eat it on its own as a snack

At breakfast, add it to your cereal, your favourite yogurt, home-made muffins or a smoothy.

Use it as a healthy boost in salads, as a side dish or in a sauce


Add it to pies, cakes or ice cream, or enjoy it in fresh coulis


For maximum flavour, thaw fruit at room temperature

Nutritional value

Exquisite Strawberries

Did you know ?

Its name comes from the Latin “fragrum” meaning fragrance. The wild strawberry plant is one of the most widespread and oldest in the world. In ancient times, Romans ate strawberries for their many therapeutic properties.

Did you know ?

Health profile

Frozen strawberries are just as nutritious as fresh strawberries. Their high vitamin C content makes them an interesting daily choice for your diet. In fact, vitamin C helps maintain a strong immune system our primary line of defense against bacteria and viruses.

Health profile
Geneviève Nadeau,

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