Mother Hen: all the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables

In our products we only use certified organic fruits and vegetables.

Our products are certified organic by Ecocert Canada. This certification ensures the integrity of organic products throughout the production chain from the field to the finished product.

An organic food can only be called “organic” when it is produced under “natural” conditions without pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or growth hormones and in accordance with the lifecycle of animals and plants.

These rules ensure that production conditions are non-polluting and respectful of the animal’s welfare and of the surrounding ecosystem.

The benefits of freezing

Freezing does not affect the nutritional value of foods. A frozen product has the same nutritional value as its fresh counterpart. And sometimes, due to the fact the product is frozen directly from the field, it retains a better nutritional value. They are often richer in vitamins than those purchased fresh because transport and storage tends to affect fruits and vegetables.