Understanding your baby's digestion

Digestive disorders

Baby digestion : everything you need to know

« Your baby's intestines can be resistant to new foods. Lazier baby intestines can make it difficult to pass food and cause problems such as constipation. »

Don't lose hope:

They usually decrease over time when your baby knows how to sit up and starts solid food.

« Vomiting, especially projectile vomiting, can be a sign of food intolerance or allergies: you should go see a doctor! »

Be careful, though :

If your baby is vomiting in addition to having diarrhea, take it easy with the liquids so as not to create a chain reaction, making the baby reject the liquid he has just received.

Baby Digestion

The importance of hydration

Mother Hen: purees for gentle digestion

Cuillerées de purée La Mère Poule

 Mother Hen purees are a good way to provide your baby with these essential fibers, even if they feed through BLW.

Mother Hen purees are easy to digest, contain no allergens and are made with the best possible ingredients. Good to know when you’re looking for what causes baby’s tummy aches!