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Strained Turkey Puree

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You don't have to wait until Christmas to put turkey on the menu! Why deprive ourselves when we know that turkey, in addition to protein and iron, contains vitamin B12? This vitamin helps the body build red blood cells and helps maintain the cells that construct bones.



That's all!

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    No salt added

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    No preservatives

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    Source of protein

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    Gluten free

turkey, water.

Double boiler instructions
Transfer the contents of the jar to the upper saucepan of the double boiler and let thaw for 4 to 5 minutes.

Microwave instructions
After removing the lid, heat in the Defrost cycle for about 1 minute. Stir, taste and serve.

Storage instructions
Once the product has thawed, consume it within 48 hours (opened or not).


Parent's testimonials

« Mother Hen meats are part of my go-to products as a mother. Not only do they contain only one ingredient (meat!), but their texture is simply perfect, smooth and lump-free. Plus, there isa wide variety of flavors that I can't cook at home myself. »

- Julie, Sherbrooke