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Veal Puree

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Our veal puree is a delicious option to offer your baby red meat. Like all red meats, it contains iron and is a good source of protein. Protein requires slower digestion, which generally reduces hunger between meals - your baby will be fully equipped to discover the world around him!



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    No salt added

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    No preservatives

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    Source of protein

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veal, water.

Double boiler instructions
Empty contents of cup in top part of double boiler and let thaw for 10 minutes, strirring occasionally. Taste and serve. 

Microwave instructions
Remove cover, heat for 1 minute. Stir, taste and serve. 

Storage instructions
Consume within 48 hours of thawing (whether opened or not). 


Parent's testimonials

« Mother Hen meats are part of my go-to products as a mother. Not only do they contain only one ingredient (meat!), but their texture is simply perfect, smooth and lump-free. Plus, there is a wide variety of flavors that I can't cook at home myself. »

- Julie, Sherbrooke