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First steps in baby-led weaning

Does baby-led weaning pose a choking risk?

A note to caution

Hard, round, or sticky foods are not suitable for babies (whole cherry tomatoes, popcorn, etc.).


If there’s food stuck in a baby’s throat, never stick your finger in their mouth, as it could push the stuck food further down their throat.


A choking baby makes no sound and quickly turns blue. However, a gag reflex (baby is coughing) is very noisy and shows your baby is handling things on their own.


Regardless of how you choose to introduce solids to your baby, choking can occur for various reasons: poor sitting position, distraction (eating while watching TV), difficulties chewing due to a motor development disorder, etc.


Before offering your baby food, put it in your mouth and try to crush it between your palate and tongue, to see if it’s the right texture. If it can easily be crushed, then you’re good to go!

Can purees be baby-led?

Before you get started: some precautions