Identify the signs

Pureed or in pieces?

General rule

If a baby can grab food with their hands, they can eat it. The ideal food texture follows a linear pattern along the child’s fine motor skills development and chewing system maturity.

Soft, hard and in pieces

Good to know

It’s important to use the corrected age of premature babies to determine approximately when food can be introduced. Also, if a baby appears to have or has a known developmental delay, a more thorough assessment should be carried out to provide the best possible options for the child.

Textures and baby-led weaning (BLW)

Food size

Baby-friendly utensils

Harder textures

Baby refuses to eat it

The gag reflex

Good to know

If your child is still refusing to eat pieces of food around 18 months of age, consult a doctor to check for signs of oral hypersensitivity.

Risk of choking