Fait à la maison

Beef Puree

Our beef puree is an exceptional ally in the fight against iron deficiency. This mineral, which helps to bind oxygen in the blood and store it in the muscles, is essential to your child's healthy development from the age of 6 months. That is why our beef puree is a great tool to keep in your Mother Hen collection!



That's all!

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    No salt added

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    No preservatives

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    Source of protein

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    Gluten free

beef, water.

Double boiler instructions
Empty contents of cup in top part of double boiler and let thaw for 8 minutes, strirring occasionally. Taste and serve.

Microwave instructions
Remove cover, heat for 1 minute. Stir, taste and serve.

Storage instructions
Consume within 48 hours of thawing (whether opened or not).


Parent's testimonials

« I never had the courage to make meat purees myself, so Mother Hen products seemed to be the only good alternative! »

- Véronique, Verchères